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Irawati, Denis Marlinda (2011) NTERPERSONAL MEANING NEGOTIATED IN DUDLEY RANDALL’S POEM “BALLAD OF BIRMINGHAM”. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Stikubank Semarang.

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The study entitled Interpersonal Meaning Negotiated in Dudley Randall‟s poem “Ballad of Birmingham” has two research questions, i.e. (1) What mood types are found in the Dudley Randall‟s poem “Ballad of Birmingham”? (2) How is the tenor of the discourse developed in the Dudley Randall‟s poem “Ballad of Birmingham”? The data were in a written form. They are taken from Dudley Randall‟s poem entitled “Ballad of Birmingham”. The data were segmented into the pattern of Mood and Residue, and the interpersonal meaning is explained in the Mood System and in Tenor of the Discourse. The mood types employed in the Dudley Randall‟s poem “Ballad of Birmingham” are 23 declarative, 4 imperative clauses, and 3 interrogative clauses. The declarative clause consists of 21 declarative (positive) and 2 declarative (negative). The total percentage of declarative clause is 90%. There are two kinds of interrogative clause, 2 polar interrogative (6,67%) and 1 Wh- interrogative (3,33%).The mood types are presented in 43 clauses in the Dudley Randall‟s poem. It consists of 30 major clauses (69,77%) and 13 minor clauses (30,23%). There are 3 finite temporal are (10%), 4 finite temporal will (13,33%), 1 finite temporal was (3,33%), 5 finite temporal has (16,67%), 6 finite modal may (20%), and 11 fuse/congruent/conflate finite (36,67%). The writer also found the use of vocative- 3 vocative adjunct baby (60%), 1 vocative adjunct mother (20%), 1 vocative adjunct mother dear (20%)- in the Dudley Randall‟s poem. The agentive or societal role is the mother and her child. The status is unequal because the relationship between the participants is very close. It is indicated by the use of vocatives mother dear, mother and baby in the poem. The social distance is minimal because the participants who interact in the poem are familiar to one another.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Interpersonal Meaning, Poem, Mood system,
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