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In a Partical Fulfillment of the Requirements for an Undergraduate Degree of Sarjana Sastra in English

Raras Pawitra, Listya (2016) In a Partical Fulfillment of the Requirements for an Undergraduate Degree of Sarjana Sastra in English. Undergraduate thesis, STIKUBANK UNIVERSITYSEMARANG.

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ABSTRACT Pawitra, Listya R. 2015. “Hedges Realized in Ken Robinson‟s Speech “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. A research paper, English Department, Undergraduated Program of Stikubank University Semarang. Supervisor: Agnes Widyaningrum, S.E, S.Pd, M.Pd. This research paper is entitled HEDGES REALIZED IN KEN ROBINSON‟S SPEECH “DO SCHOOLS KILL CERATIVITY?”. As a descriptive research, the study was conducted by collecting any relevant data and information about the topic or problem of the study. This study is aimed to find the types of hedges and the communicative purpose of hedges in Ken Robinson‟s speech “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. The study is designed in qualitative research. The data collection used the following steps: downloading the video of Ken Robinson‟s Speech “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” from internet, downloading the transcript of the speech, watching the video of Ken Robinson‟s Speech “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”, and documenting the data collection. The procedure of analyzing is based on the theory of hedges proposed by Salager-Meyer‟s classification (1997). In this research, there are 162 hedges found in the data. The writer only found 6 types of hedges in the data. The first category is Introductory Phrases; there are 76 hedges (46.9%). The second category is Modal Auxiliary Verbs; there are 39 hedges (24%). The third category is If Clauses; there are 25 hedges (15.4%). The fourth category is Modal lexical verb/ Modulated verb/ Passive; there are 15 hedges (9.3%). The fifth category is Appromixator of degree, Quantity, Frequency, Time; there are 4 hedges (2.5%). And the last category is Adjectival, Adverbial, Nominal modal Phrases; there are 3 hedges (1.9%). Accroding to the table above shows that the dominant types of hedges is Introductory phrases. There are four communicative purposes that found in Ken Robinson‟s Speech “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. In first category, there are two meanings of hedges particles that are categorized as Minimizing “Thread to Face” there are 75 hedges (46.3%). The hedges show tentativeness. Second category is Conform to An Established Writing Style there are 34 hedges (21%). Third category is Possitive Negative Politness Strategy there are 32 hedges (19.8%). The last category is Precision in Reporting there are 21 hedges (12.9%). So, it can be concluded that the dominant Communicative Purposes that found in the data is Minimizing “Thread to Face”.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Additional Information: SKR.III.05.01.0559
Uncontrolled Keywords: speech, video, types of hedges, communicative purpose.
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PE English
Faculty / Institution: Fakultas Bahasa dan Ilmu Budaya
Depositing User: Hary Iskandar
Date Deposited: 10 Jun 2016 09:10
Last Modified: 10 Jun 2016 09:10
URI: https://eprints.unisbank.ac.id/id/eprint/3291

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