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Purnawati, Dian (2011) THE INNER AND OUTER WORLD EXPERIENCES REALIZED IN PRINCESS DIANA BIOGRAPHY. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Stikubank Semarang.

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The thesis entitled The Inner and Outer World Experiences Realized in Princess Diana Biography has two objectives: explaining the experiential meaning and identifying the field of the discourse of the biography in Princes Diana‘s Biography. This data are analyzed and construed on the basic of Butt‘s theory. The findings are as follows: Diana‘s biography consists of 82 clause complexes which can be segmented into 173 clauses. The biography mainly uses material processes (119 clauses/ 74,3%). Besides the material processes, this biography also uses behavioural processes in 2 clauses (1,2%),mental processes in 4 clauses (2,4%), verbal process in 5 clauses (3,8%), relational processes in 29 clauses (18%) and existential process in 1 clause (0,6%). Related with the processes, the researcher found the participants employed in Diana‘s biography. They are actors in 111 clauses (73,5%), behavers in 2 clauses (1,3%), sensers in 3 clauses (2%), sayers in 5 clauses (3,3%), carriers in 16 clauses (10,6%), tokens in 13 clauses (8,6%) and existent in 1 clause (0,7%) This may mean that the experiential domain is Diana‘s life stories from her childhood in her royal family, her education, engagement, marriage until her death. It can be seen from the most material processes employed in Diana‘s Biography. The short term goal is to remind and inspire everyone with her social life and her charity projects such as providing charity to children, helping AIDS suffers, carrying minor society and others. ―Diana‖ never dies, not only in Wales, but around the world. The long term goal of the Diana‘s Biography is Diana‘s social life. Diana‘s charity projects implies that a Princess with her royal family and life, was committed to take care the minor society, did not differentiate between the rich from the poor, a noble from citizenry. She thought that rank of society doesn‘t matter for helping other people.

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