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Code Realized in Ilana Tan’s Autumn in Paris

Handayani, Ike Fitri (2011) Code Realized in Ilana Tan’s Autumn in Paris. Undergraduate thesis, universitas stikubank semarang.

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Thesis entitled Code switched realized in Ilana Tan‘sAutum in Paris, contains sociolinguistic studies concerning the eventst ransfer code (code switching) occurring in the novel.This research is a type of researchdescriptive -qualitative aims to describe the occurrence of events over the code that includes the type and the factors that caused the event. There is some of the steps taken in processing and analyzing the data, namely bycollecting all the data based on characters in the novel, then the dataare classified according their types the writer, then identifies the data orperform the categorization of data and provide a brief explanation of each data sample.The analysis focused on the types and causes of events over the intervening code and the code that occurs in the novel.Based on the results of data analysis, concluded that the author Autumn in Paris,Ilana Tanusing the Indonesian language as the primary language usedthe characters.In addition, Ilana Tan is also in French, Englishand Japanese languagesin the novel handiwork. The writer analyzed the data by identifying four types of code switching i.e. inter-sentential code switching, intra-sentential code switching, tag switching and intra-word switching namely transfer of code from Indonesian to English , Indonesian to Japanese, and code switching from Indonesian to French language. She analyzed the data to find all types of codes switching in the Autumn in Paris novel, and identify the factors causing the occurrence of code switching. The results show that there are inter-sentential code switching (24) and intra-sentential code switching (137), and tag switching (3). No intra-word switching is used by the main characters. The reasons which drive the characters to switch codes are: to Identifying with a particular group (52,9%), Capturing attention, i.e. stylistic, emphatic, emotional (19,8%), Communicating more effectively (12,8%), ease communication, i.e., utilizing the shortest and the easiest route (11,6%), and Reiterating point (2,9)

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Additional Information: NIM: SKR.:05.01.0378
Uncontrolled Keywords: code switching, intra-sentential code switching, inter-sentential code switching
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Date Deposited: 10 Aug 2012 05:10
Last Modified: 10 Aug 2012 05:10
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